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The team at The CPU Guide is composed of computer scientists and avid gamers who have a sound knowledge of dealing with computers/OS issues and, hence share their knowledge with users. We are a strong advocate of the user experience, and this is what we aim for in anything we create on and off TheCPUGuide.


In form of innovative apps and helpful guides

CPU & GPU Buying Guides

Buying a CPU/GPU isn’t easy, and the primary focus of THE CPU GUIDE is to make comprehensive guides that provide in-depth reviews of the large array of products and tell you the best one according to your required level of choice.

The comprehensive guides also show you how to deal with technical terms and provide you the information in one of the easiest way so you quickly understand.

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How-To Guides

Our How-To Guides back the CPU & GPU buying guides where we discuss issues that can come across Windows OS, macOS, or Linux. We provide detailed solutions to each error and try each fix multiple times to make sure it’s really working and hand out credible information to our readers.

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Gaming Guides

With GPU being discussed, we are surely being read by some gaming enthusiasts, so be it gaming issues related to Windows, PlayStation, or Xbox. We try to cover each issue in a detailed and organized manner.

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