How To Buy The Kosatka Submarine In GTA online

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How To Buy The Kosatka Submarine In GTA online

In GTA Online, a group of the greatest heists ever have been put together.

The newest, Cayo Perico, is one of the most massive and vital to the history of GTA Online.

With it came several new missions for players to enjoy and earn money from. It also includes a special type of submarine that can be used for housing different kinds of vehicles.


The Kosatka is one of the most important vehicles in GTA Online right now.

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It’s required to get to Cayo Perico, which houses all of the new missions and content. It also has a variety of other uses too, including underwater exploration and getting away from evil marksmen.

Unfortunately, though, it’s also incredibly expensive, meaning that players may have to put their efforts into the Cayo Perico heist if they want this submarine.

This heist was part of the recent update, Cayo Perico. This update is considered one of the biggest and most impactful in GTA Online’s nearly decade-long history.

How To Buy The Kosatka Submarine In GTA online

The Kosatka becomes an operational base for the heists but can also be used by players for other activities when not planning heists or using it for those purposes.

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It’s the first submarine introduced in GTA Online and it remains the only one you can buy.

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How to Buy Kosatka Submarine?

Now, it’s time to tell you about the Kosatka submarine.

To unlock the ability to purchase this submarine, we’re going to need to visit Miguel Madrazo. He can be found at the new Music Locker location underneath the Diamond Casino.

We can find him there. He’s our main contact for this heist. When you’ve spoken with him, he’ll ask you to help him pull off the Cayo Perico heist. In order to make this happen, you’ll need a submarine.

How To Buy The Kosatka Submarine In GTA online

Once you’ve spoken with Madrazo, Warstock Carry & Cache will start selling the submarine on their website.

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It’s easy to find: just visit Warstock’s website, and select the submarine.

The price tag is quite high: $2.2 million!

But that’s okay—you can work your way up there

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Upgrade Your Kosatka Submarine:

Once you own the Kosatka, you can also upgrade it. You can upgrade it with various features, including different vehicles and weapons.

The first and most useful upgrade is the Sparrow helicopter. Players can buy both the Kosatka and the Sparrow separately but use them together.

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The Sparrow will let you land directly on to the submarine from above, allowing you to use the submarine for heists in GTA Online.

How To Buy The Kosatka Submarine In GTA online

Another useful upgrade is for your guided missiles so that you can take out any enemies who are underwater. Other upgrades, sonar detection and the like, are less useful, so players should focus on upgrading their Sparrow helicopters when they want to spend some cash in GTA Online.

Some of its features include:

  • A Dinghy upon request – when you are away from the submarine
  • Sonar Station – can locate treasure chest underwater [$1,200,000]
  • Moon Pool Vehicle
    • Sparrow Helicopter [$1,815,000]
    • Kraken Avisa [$1,545,000]
  • Guided Missiles – 4000m range [$1,900,000]
  • Weapons Workshop – can upgrade weapons to MKII variants [$350,000]

How to Find/Locate Kosatka?

If you’re having trouble finding your submarine, there is an alternate method of locating it.

  • Go to any beach or near sea level.
  • Open your interaction menu
  • Go to the services.
  • There you will find an option called Kosatka
  • Choose the submarine and you will get the option to request the Kosatka
  • Once you have requested, open up your map and search for a yellow submarine icon near you
  • Go back into your interaction menu and choose the Kosatka services option again
  • This time, request a dinghy to reach your submarine

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The dinghy will bring you to the submarine.

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What do you think about this Submarine?

It is worth the money?

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