Hogwarts Legacy: What the New Trailer Reveals?

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Hogwarts Legacy: What the New Trailer Reveals?

Hogwarts Legacy has unveiled a new cinematic trailer that provides a glimpse of the game’s locations and enemies.

Released by Developer Avalanche and publisher Warner Bros gives a sneak peek or you can say a bird’s eye view, literally, of the whole school and the surrounding castle grounds.

As the release date of Hogwarts Legacy, February 10, approaches for current-gen consoles and PC, the trailer also provides a glimpse of the various beasts and creatures, characters such as Professor Weasley and Nearly Headless Nick, among other things that players can expect in the game.

Moreover, the trailer features an owl’s perspective as it flies over students battling giant spiders in the Forbidden Forest – a location that fans of the Harry Potter series know still exists. The owl also witnesses wizards attempting to harm it with illegal Avada Kedavra curses but missing.

Ultimately, the owl flies by wizards engaged in a fierce battle with a dragon, highlighting the danger and adventure that players can expect in the game.

Hogwarts Legacy is proving to be a highly anticipated release, with it currently occupying the top spots on pre-sale charts across various platforms including Steam, Epic, PlayStation, and Xbox, even a month before its official launch on February 10

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