Nintendo Switch Won’t Charge

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why my Nintendo switch wont charge and turn on

Are you facing an Issue like the Nintendo Switch won’t charge? The Not charging Issue is common and can result in scenarios like:

  • The Nintendo Switch system does not power on.
  • The LCD screen is blank while in handheld mode or tabletop mode.
  • Does not wake when the POWER or HOME button is pressed after putting the system into sleep mode.

Although the Nintendo Switch is loved by millions of people around the world, many users also find that sometimes the console can’t keep up with the claimed 6 hours of gaming battery.

At other times, some Nintendo Switch consoles are also encountering issues by not charging at all. Both of these issues are significant because they affect the performance and usability of the console.

If you currently have an issue with why the Nintendo Switch is not charging:

there are several troubleshooting steps you can take to identify the cause.

Don’t Worry and Don’t Panic!

It’s not very difficult to fix these errors.

Simply apply the given solutions and you will be able to sort out the Nintendo Switch error. Before we jump to fix it, I would answer some of the questions that might have popped up in your mind.

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Why won’t my Switch turn On or Charge?

nintendo Switch
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There are many factors that can cause Nintendo Switch Charging problems:
For one, the console has emptied its 4310mAh lithium-ion battery to the point where it needs a few minutes to charge before it can show signs of power. Immediately after installing the plugin to charge for the Nintendo Switch console. It is not uncommon for them to turn away. After connecting the console to the charger, wait at least 30 minutes until you run it.

  • Another reason for failing to charge your Nintendo console is a faulty USB C power cable or adapter. In some cases, the power strip you are using may also avoid charging.
  • Finally, there may be a software glitch to prevent the console from being turned on or charging.

What do you do when your Nintendo Switch won’t charge?

There are a couple of quick fixes that you can try and get your Nintendo Switch to Charge.

  • Plug it in to charge
  • Perform hard Reset
  • Use the official Nintendo Switch power adapter
  • Power cycle Your power adapter
  • Check the power adapter for damage
  • Leave it to charge for a few hours

How do you fix a non-charging switch?

There are several reasons why your Nintendo Switch may not charge:

  1. The charger may need to be reset.
  2. There may be something wrong with the outlet, such as a burned fuse.
  3. Contact points inside the Nintendo Switch’s USB-C charging port may be dirty or damaged
  4. The charging adapter may be dirty or defective.
  5. If you’re primarily using a Nintendo Switch dock, then maybe the dock is broken.
  6. You may be using a conflicting third-party adapter. Some third-party accessories do not work properly with the switch console.
  7. If you edit or hack your switch, the console is not working properly. You may need to undo changes to your switch to recharge it.

How to charge the Nintendo Switch and how to charge its Joy-Cons?

You can charge the Switch console in two ways:

  • Plug the USB-C charger into the console and plug the adapter end into the power socket of your house. Whenever you play in dock mode.
  • To charge Joy-Cons, make sure to connect them to the tablet, and make sure to plug the tablet into the USB-C charger.
  • You can also use the Venom Charging Station for the Nintendo Switch, which will allow you to connect four Joy-Cons at once.
  • You can also connect four Joy-Cons at the same time. using the Venom Charging Station for Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch Won’t Turn On

If your console works differently and suddenly refuses to switch on, you can try a few things.

Solution 1: Charge Nintendo at least 1 hour

Nintendo switch connect to charge

Normally, the screen still has a battery indicator light to let you know that it needs charging.

But, if the battery is too empty?

Charge with the official Nintendo Switch Power Adapter supplied with the console and leave it for at least 1 hour.

Solution 2: Check Charger For Damaging

The official power adapter is pretty tough, but not impenetrable.

Nintendo check charger for damaging


Check for bent pins inside the USB-C plug that may not have good (bad) contact, inspect the cable for wear, as this can lead to a short (very bad), and, oddly enough, make sure there is no crack or bends on the housing from the wall adapter (real fire hazard).

If you see any signs of damage, do not use the adapter at all, as this can be dangerous. Replace it with another official adapter, and see if using a new flogging solves a new problem.

Solution 3: Use Nintendo Official Charger to Fix Nintendo Switch Won’t Charge

nintendo Switch ac adapter
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The switch is charged using a non-standard protocol, so if you’re using a third-party solution, you may encounter problems.

There are a lot of completely reasonable third-party adapters, but can’t give the guarantee reliability or safety, but we can guarantee an official charger.


Solution 4: Charge for several hours to Fix Nintendo Switch Won’t Turn On

Charge for several hours to Fix Nintendo Switch Won't Turn On

If the battery is really severely discharged, it must be recharge slowly for safety reasons.

If your console has just finished and you plugged it in, it will probably be used almost immediately, but if it will work for weeks or even months without recharging, it may take several hours to get at least some answer from it, Leave it on charge for at least 2 hours,

but keep it on for longer if it still has no signs of life after 12-24 hours you still don’t get anything from trying to turn it on, try a full reset, as described above, as one of the last attempts to get started.

Solution 5: Hard Reset Nintendo Switch

Hard Reset Nintendo Switch

If the above solution did not work, then try to do a hard reset. You can do this for 15 days

  • Press the power button at the top of the console for about 12 seconds.
  • Now release the power button.
  • Press the power button once, as usual, to turn it on.
  • This solution even saved some of the NLife crew once or twice.


If the above solution didn’t work, This means that the Nintendo Switch console itself is not working.

The Nintendo Switch is not charging, so take the AC adapter, dock and go to Nintendo’s online repair set to check the warranty status of your system.


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