Xbox Series X vs PS5: Another Console War?

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ps5 vs xbox series x

Another Console War?

Who did it right this time?

Xbox Series X vs PS5: We have got almost everything we need to know!

But, is it enough to already make a decision?

Features are almost neck to neck, and the differences might not play a huge difference. But there is still one key difference that is exactly what gamers need.

Many PS4 lovers or Xbox fans would have made their decision because of their previous experience or their friends.

Buying is subjective to the user’s behavior and previous experiences primarily.

The differences need to be appreciated and this article is meant to discuss those so you can have a better understanding of the companies’ thought process for each feature they have introduced or held back.

Coming up, we will compare both the consoles and appreciate what has been brought to users so you can better know what you are buying.

Let’s Dig In

We have already plenty of details about each console where both are giving each other a tough time and supporting up to 8K.

Although 8K isn’t still a common sight and gamers prefer smoother games with better refresh rates, but as consoles are not released every year, this still seems right.

We still have questions and anticipations, but every day we receive new bits of information that help clear things out.

Some of the most common questions are:

  • What is Xbox Series X and PS5? One of the most anticipated consoles and successor to Xbox One/Xbox 360 and PS4 respectively, these are the upcoming consoles. PS5 or Playstation 5 by Sony and Xbox Series X from Microsoft and Sony are ready to upgrade the gaming experience to a new level.
  • Xbox Series X and PS5 release date: Both consoles have their release dates close to each other. The first one to release is Xbox on the 10th of November, and PS5 will follow it on November 12, 2020. These dates may vary depending upon different territories.
  • Will PS5/Xbox Series X games run at 120fps? Both the consoles support up to 120 FPS, but this doesn’t mean they will always be supporting 120 Frames. The consoles will surely provide an average of 60 FPS, while you can expect some really smooth gaming experience.
  • Does the ps5 have WIFI 6? PS5 is confirmed to have the latest WiFi
  • Will ps4 games look better on ps5? Seems a straightforward question where I won’t hesitate to say YES as better hardware will make the overall experience better.
  • Is the PS5 more powerful than Xbox Series X? The specifications are nearly the same with Xbox seeming slightly better, but one can’t conclude on the basis of such close numbers. The upcoming section will give a better understanding of their specs.
  • Will ps5 be cheaper than Xbox series X? What will they cost? Both consoles are competitively priced with Xbox being slightly cheaper. Both of the consoles have also brought in cheaper versions for a larger audience and more variety.
    • The Xbox Series X costs $499 / £449 / AU$749.
    • PS5 costs $499.99 / £449.99 / AU$749.95.



PS5 vs. Xbox Series X Subscriptions

Cloud Gaming Infrastructure is here.

Both consoles have brought in subscription-based services for their game-streaming services.

Sony has got PlayStation Now where your players can stream PS2, PS3, and PS4 hits. PS5 games might also be able to stream with PlayStation Now. Additionally, players can stream to their PC as well. We hope support for smart TVs and smartphones is also added.

Project xCloud – Game Streaming for Xbox.

With Xbox Game Pass, one of the key factors, gamers will be able to stream directly to their Android Phones. Yes, directly without Xbox acting as an intermediary.

All you need is an Xbox Controller, and a clip to attach your phone.

Using the controller connected directly to the phone with a USB C cable will improve your experience massively.

Your progress/games will be synced pretty well and it performs nicely too. Microsoft has promised to deliver more than 100 games at launch that will add more value to it.

The performance is still a mix between lag and really smooth experience, so we can’t really say until it’s fully launched.

Xbox Game Pass vs. PS Plus Collection

With Xbox Game Pass, you will be getting access to over 100 high-quality games.

More games will be added to be played directly on the console, PC, and Android mobile devices. These will be played directly from the cloud that’s still in beta.

Additionally, you’ll enjoy the benefits of EA Play at no extra cost.

What’s Xbox Game Pass Ultimate?

Combine your Xbox Game Pass with Xbox Live Gold, and it’s Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Xbox Live Gold includes Deals with Gold, Games with Gold, and console multiplayer

You will still not be able to play on an iPhone that seems like bad news for iPhone users who are Xbox lovers.

PS Plus Collection is Sony’s Answer to Xbox Game Pass.

Although their representative claim it’s not meant to be.

The PS Collection lets users download many popular PS4 games.

Being quite close to Xbox Game Pass, it still is available to be played only to PS5 console.

PS5 vs. Xbox Series X design

The Xbox Series X design is very simple and sleek looking with little hints of gaming elements. The green at the top creates a nice feel, but there are not any LEDs making that effect. So, it won’t be shining out.

It can be placed horizontally and vertically. The buttons and logo support both ways, but it’s made with a tower-shaped look, just like the PS5, where the grill is for better cooling as heat goes up.

Both designs are no way near to similar except that they are tower-shaped.

Sony has pulled off its amazing looking console after many weird and crazy looking concepts with an Alienware-Esque, space-age design with a black centerpiece sandwiched between a film of white stripes. It’s a pretty exuberant body with a vibrant color theme for its new console.

PS5 vs. Xbox Series X backward compatibility

Both consoles will be offering backward compatibility


that won’t be 100%.

For Xbox Series X, every Xbox One Game is claimed to be backward compatible. Not 100% because a handful of select Xbox 360 and original Xbox games will work with the system. You’d feel a better gaming experience with the new console for the same games.

It’s what you’d expect as there is better hardware running your game. Unfortunately, PS5 doesn’t behave in the same way

PS5 vs. Xbox Series X virtual reality

So, here we are not even comparing because only PS5 will be fully compatible with a VR headset.

A specific PSVR might also be launched with full a PSVR game library.

On the other hand, Microsoft doesn’t seem to be interested in VR until its next console. This might be bad news for VR lovers.


Although, until anyone doesn’t receive hands-on experience of these consoles along with a considerable amount of time with the supported games, one can’t pass a verdict.

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