Call of Duty   Returns to Steam

After 5 Years!


After 5 Years!

Call of Duty returns to steam with Modern Warfare 2!

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It is confirmed by Activision officially that the Call of Duty franchise Modern Warefare 2 returns to Steam after 5 years!

Call of Duty games are the most played games worldwide because of their availability on almost every platform.

5 years earlier, Activision made a decision to take off Call of Duty from Steam and shift it to the storefront.

The Call of Duty fans on PC was so frustrated by Activision’s this decision but now is their time to be happy again as Call of Duty is coming back to Steam with Modern Warfare II. 

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On June 8, Activision made an announcement in which they says:

Modern Warfare II, the sequel to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare [2019] releases on October 28 this year

Call of Duty is coming back to steam on PC starting with Modern Warfare II

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