Hogwarts Legacy Early Access & More Found in DLC & Bonus Content Leak

Hogwarts legacy‘s special edition content has been leaked. The leak suggests that different editions of the game will be available.

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A user on Reddit has shared some leaks of Hogwarts Legacy in which a bunch of pre-order bonuses, extra content, and early access can be seen.

He finds some interesting content for different editions of the game within the source code of the game’s website.

In the source code, 8 items have been found:

1| Thestral Mount 2| Dark Arts Cosmetic Pack 3| Dark Arts Battle Arena 4| Dark Arts Garrison Hat 5| 72 hours early access to the game 6| Kelpie Robe 7| Steel Case 8| Floating Ancient Magic Wand with Book

And according to that Reddit user, two editions of the game are mentioned: Swipe Up to see!