Suing MLBB For COpyright

Suing MLBB For COpyright

League of Legends is fighting for their rights again.

Developers of the  League of Legends, Riot, have filed a lawsuit against the developer of the Mobile Legends, ByteDance’s Shanghai Moonton Technology Co. LTD, for copyright.

This fight between League of Legends and Moonton is five years old when Riot first filed a lawsuit against the Mobile Legends in 2017.

Want to know WHY?

"This action seeks to stop Moonton from continuing its deliberate and sustained campaign to ride Riot’s highly valuable rights in the mobile video game League of Legends: Wild Rift and related content. Moonton’s strategy is blatant copying."

In the lawsuit, Riot stated,

When Riot filed the lawsuit first time against Moonton, back in 2017, the case was dismissed by the California court by saying that the matter should be courted in China as Moonton is a Shanghai China-based company.

Then Tencent, Riot’s parent company, got involved and even won a $2.9 Million judgment against the CEO of Moonton.

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Right after this Moonton removed the game from the play store but then after a week or two released the game again with the name Mobile Legends: Bang Bang with a few changes in the game.

See the list of similarities pointed out by Riot!