Pixel 4

Can Detect  Life Changing Illnesses

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Developers all around the world are trying to make our life easier by adding many new and latest technologies like health-related features to smartphones.

As people living in this century prefer smart ways.

Apparently, Google Pixel 4 seems to have a coming feature that can detect life-changing illnesses

Even one group of researchers is using this phone to detect neurological diseases just by using the selfie camera from the phone.

Directed by professor Edward Wang, The DigiHealth Lab at UC San Diego is working to figure out how they can turn smartphones into a health detecting monitor.

The main aim is to turn these common devices into health-detecting monitors so that more people can have access to digital health tools even those who cannot afford the latest smartwatches or fitness tech.

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More questions from the lab about how are they going to modify Google Pixel 4 have been asked.

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Watch More!