Steam Deck Beta Update Improves Fan Whine

But Raises GPU Temps

If you’re the proud owner of a Steam Deck, you have certainly noticed the highly irritating fan whine.

Luckily, Valve has now launched an update to the Steam Deck’s internal code which promises to fix many of the bugs and issues that some users have been experiencing since they got their hands on the revolutionary new device.

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The beta software update brings with it a whole host of tweaks, but we’re most interested in the fan whine issue.

One Reddit user reported that placing electrical tape across the blade of their Steam Deck helped to reduce the noise from their unit.

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You could wait for iFixit to come out with replacement fans or you could try the Beta Update.

A drawback to updating is increased GPU temps.

The latest beta patch notes do not acknowledge noise issues specifically, but many users have indicated a decrease in noise after updating their software.

This was proven with an experiment Swipe Up to See!