Will Not Heat AnyMore 

All the next-gen consoles have heating problems such as PS5 overheating, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. 

No, Worries!

So, to eliminate the heating issues in the future Valve has updated the Steam Deck to warn owners when the system gets too hot or cold to run. 

According to the latest Steam Deck version 3.3, Valve has added a warning to tell users when their device is at risk of running slowly, or not running at all from excessive heat or cold. 

The normal temperature range for the Steam Deck to run is 0 to 35 degrees Celcius (32 to 95 F).  If the temperature of the Steam Deck increases to 100 degrees C (212 F), the Steam Deck’s internal AMD APU chip will throttle performance to protect itself 

At very cold temperatures the battery starts to have a hard time,  Just like any battery-powered device, [the] Steam Deck’s battery can’t sustain peak power draw at temperatures below 0°C (similar to the way cars have a tougher time starting in freezing weather). 

- Steam Deck designer, Lawrence Yang explained that 

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Moreover, Valve has confirmed that anyone with a Q3 or Q4 reservation will be guaranteed a Steam Deck by the end of the year.