Hogwarts Legacy’s PS5 Based Trailer is OUT!

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Hogwarts legacy is becoming one of the most anticipated games and is long due as well.

It is expected to be released in Holidays 2022 and with so many Harry Potter lovers, this game has high expectations.

Developing a single-player game in the era of multiplayer games, and a wizard’s open world that already people are aware of would be a difficult thing to pull off.

Hogwarts Legacy's PS5 Based Trailer is OUT!

And, if done rightly, this game would be on its way to breaking records just like Harry Potter did.

The Game’s website answers many questions if you are just getting to know about it.

Here’s the trailer of Hogwart’s Legacy where they show the game’s graphics in 4k and how they utilize the PS5 controller.

How do you feel about this trailer?

I’m super excited to put these adaptive triggers to use, while you let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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A bit unfair to ones who are still unable to get a PS5, We hope the availability issues are finished until Holidays.

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