Is PS4 Shutting Down?

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Sony is Shutting down PS4

Ready to say Goodbye?

Because Sony is planning to stop producing PS4 games by 2025.

No doubt, PS4 was one of the best at its time and among its competitors. But it seems like its time is coming soon.

As seen in Sony’s latest investor relations briefing, in one slide named “Evolving Shape of First Party Portfolio”, Sony shared the detailed percentage breakdown for releases by the platform in which PS4 is not mentioned at all in the 2025 section.

Is PS4 Shutting Down?

When the PS5 was released, many cross-generation games were released, but it seems like Sony is set to wind up PS4 support by 2025 because cross-generation games are getting fewer and we don’t know if we’ll get a cross-gen game after Ragnarok.

Hold on, Relax, PS4 will still be available throughout 2022.

This case seems like the one in which Microsoft ended production on the Xbox One console family in 2020.

Is PS4 Shutting Down?

Sony has said that it “believes in generations“.

According to this, It seems like Sony is trying to push us towards PS5 but we all know that PS5 is having shortage issues and some people are actually waiting for this issue to be resolved before moving on to the PS5.

We hope that this issue resolves soon.

What do you think after reading this news?

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