Get Ready to Land on Rebirth Island Again In Warzone

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Get Ready to Land on Rebirth Island Again

Missing Rebirth Island in Warzone?

Don’t get sad because it’s coming back soon.

The Rebirth Island is not removed permanently.

To highlight the new map “Fortune’s Keep” at the launch of Warzone Pacific Season 4, the Rebirth map was removed on June 22, so that players can try out new features.

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For a full week only two map options, Fortune’s Keep and Caldera will be available in the Resurgence Mode.

Get Ready to Land on Rebirth Island Again In Warzone

When Is Rebirth Island Island Coming To Warzone?

Raven has officially confirmed that the Rebirth Island Map will be back on Warzone on June 30, 2022, but it won’t include all variants currently available like solos, duos, and trios until the week of July 21.

But still Raven warned the map will be cycled in and out with Fortune’s Keep map, which means sometime only one of these will be available and sometimes both.

Meanwhile, you can check tons of new features Warzone has added in Season 4 and can unlock new weapons like UGM-8 LMG and Macro 5 SMG.

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Be happy, your favorite map is not going anywhere.

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